Wednesday, March 30, 2016

BRUISE PHOTO FAKED - Princess Fields Cries Wolf

The explosion over Corey Lewandowski's alleged 'battery' of Princess Fields has exposed the fact that all objectivity has gone out the window. Essentially, if you were opposed to Trump before this story exploded you are taking Princess Fields' side – in spite of the lack of evidence of anything like intended battery.

Here are two arguments that I have not seen made, including one that should put this entire issue to rest if there is ANY objectivity left in our political discourse. Please tweet this link!

  1. RE Lewandowski's statement that he doesn't know her and didn't touch her:
    This was made when her version of the story still included the insane notion that she was almost thrown to the ground. In fact, in spite of wearing VERY high heels, there is no real sign that she even fought to keep her balance - no swaying, rocking, or stumbling. Lewandowski was responding to that narrative – he knew he didn't do anything violent to anyone, so the person making these claims must have seemed crazy. From the video, he doesn't even glance at her – it was a simple matter of protecting his boss from whoever was violating the SS cordon – two SS agents were reaching for her at the time CL moves her out of the way. So the idea that he lied is probably false, if considered in its proper context. That applies as well to the complaint that he didn't 'just apologize and move on' – apologize for what she claimed he did in her original statement? Not advisable, as it would be admitting to her version of events.

  1. RE Princess's bruises:
    The argument has been made that an instant of contact through a coat would not be enough to make these bruises. It has also been noted that at WORST, he grabbed her upper arm or elbow, not her lower arm as shown in her pity photo. It's hard to tell from the video whether she was grabbed at all, but it appears CL has a handful of her coat above the elbow.
    The argument that hasn't been made, which puts the lie to this bruise photo, is the position of the bruises. Take a look at the photo. The bruises would have had to come from fingertips. They are on the TOP of her arm. For CL to grab her arm with sufficient leverage to move her bodily, so that his fingertips were ON TOP of her arm, he would have had to be on his knees beneath her arm, or with his hand bent back at the wrist in an impossible position, one that would provide little leverage. The PALM of his hand would have to be on the underside of her forearm in order to make those impressions. It looks like Princess botched the frame job.
    Ty it with another person. See if you can grab their arm in such a way that your fingertips are on the TOP of their arm. Add in the fact that CL is taller than Princess, and it is clear that this photo is almost certainly a fake.  
                                                            Had he grabbed her arm in a pincer-type grab, not only would he have lacked the grip and leverage to move her, but she would have had an even deeper bruise on the softer underside of her arm, where one thumb would have to balance the force of all the fingers. No photo of that exists because apparently it didn't happen that way either. And had he grabbed her like that with enough force to bruise, the smile on her face would have been replaced by a look of anguish. 
This entire story exposes the very deep rift in the party. But remember that the voices we hear in opposition to Trump are largely the paid operatives of the establishment. They know that their policies and ideas have failed or failed to gain traction, so they will be marginalized by a Trump victory. And though the anti-Trump chorus is loud, it is in reality small - the VOTERS who are saying 'never Trump' still have alternatives aside from Screech Clinton, and they are nowhere near as invested in maintaining the status quo as are the talking heads doing most of the moaning. Most of the voters will come to Trump's side when it is Trump vs Screech. And by some combination of common sense and persuasion by Trump, even many of the establishment anti-Trump crowd will come over, with reluctance and reservations, but come they will. When the only alternative looks like total marginalization  - and suffering the enduring hatred and rancor of most of the party - they will have a 'come to Trump' moment and their world will change. We will finally see some humility. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

The "Cuban Mistress Crisis" - Ted's Chinese Water Torture Begins

If Trump and Cruz could get past their mutual loathing, the pair would make a formidable duo and totally neuter neocon resistance. But it looks like that possibility is fading fast.

Earlier this week their ongoing feud boiled over when dual UK/US citizen, the androgynous 'Liz Mair' (why are dual citizens allowed to be involved in US elections?) used a salacious GQ photo in an ad aimed at puritanical Utah voters, as part of her anti-Trump PAC's advertising campaign against the real estate mogul. Ms. Mair said that she doesn't care if Melania Trump posed provocatively before she was married to Trump, but Utah voters might care, so, as the ad stated, 'why not vote for Ted Cruz?'

Androgynous 'Liz Mair'

It turns our she is married, to this fellow

The ad was designed to goad Trump, which it did. He has a weakness for defending his family - his feud with Rosie O'Donnell started when Rosie gratuitously attacked Trump's family, merely because Trump, as the co-owner of the Miss USA pageant, was required to make a judgment about the winner's behavior. To my knowledge, Rosie is the only thing that Trump has referred to as a 'dog' or a 'pig'. He noted that fact in the first debate, and Lyin' Megyn Kelly immediately lied, saying 'and others' (which others, Lyin' Megyn?). Now, thanks to Rosie and Megyn, it is common parlance that Trump regularly refers to all women, even those who have never insulted his family, as pigs and dogs. If you haven't seen it, here's Rosie's unsolicited attack that started their feud and has fueled the charge the Trump is a misogynist.

Mair is one to pile on, as she tweeted recently:
"(Also, we're willing to spend small amounts of money to just troll and annoy Donald Trump, which seems to be working very well this week)."

"How pissed are Trumpkins right now that their hero is talking to the Jooooooos?"
(Is Liz Mair Jewish? Why is she trying to imply that Trump's people are anti-Semitic? Trump's daughter CHOSE to be a Jew, for Christ's sake (err..... you get my point.))

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ted Cruz – Brilliant Moron

Growing up, my father told me, constantly, that there was a huge difference between being intelligent and being smart. My dad didn't know that at the age of 8 or 9, my buddies and I would go to the local gravel pit, looking for unspent/misfired .22 caliber bullets. We found a lot of them, and would gather around a big rock, dropping another rock on the unspent bullets, delighted by the deadly little explosions that resulted. Had my dad known that, he would have reminded me what 'smart' meant on a daily basis.
The fact that Ted Cruz has frequently had to explain and backtrack on comments shows us that he may be brilliant, but he isn't very smart. The latest example is his plan to 'patrol' Muslim neighborhoods in the US. Limbaugh contorted himself wildly today, arguing that Ted meant surveillance. The difference is that Ted's words give radicals all the oxygen they need to radicalize others: “See how the great Satan treats its own Muslim citizens? They put extra cops on patrol, harassing our people and following our women!” Surveillance is secretive in nature and is what we are already doing, and what many (Trump included) have advocated we do more – secretly monitoring suspect Mosques and individuals. That Ted can't see how the two different approaches would be viewed by Muslims and their defenders tells us that he is not a smart man, merely a brilliant moron. His choice of words - "patrol" - is the difference.

Similarly, his recent decision to side with paid anarchists and leftist extremists who violently protested Trump's rally in Chicago. Stupid. In doing so, he argued that a campaign takes its orders from the top and is what it is from the top down. That hangs the Cruz campaign's Iowa lies around Ted's neck. And today one of Ted's super-pacs, funded by Ted's owners, hit Trump's wife. Lyin' Ted says he had nothing to do with it, but it's a super-pac that supports him and speaks for him. The fact that they would run the ad tells us something about Lyin' 'Saint' Ted – his most fervent supporters thought he would be fine with it. Today he also said he would gladly accept the support of the #nevertrump/alwaysScreech crew, likely because he learned that Trump is the 2nd choice of more Kasich supporters, so even heads up with Trump, he can't win. That leaves convention bargaining as his only out. He said back on March 1st that he would support Trump, but now he welcomes the support of people who would hand Screech the white house. Why is all of this important? Because it reinforces the idea that Cruz is a liar, an opportunist, and a greasy, phony snake oil salesman who will do anything to win – even after he has already lost.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The '#nevertrump/alwayshillary' Clan – Shapiro in the Dock

One of the leading proponents of 'never' voting for Donald Trump is former Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro. He produces a video and audio podcast four times each week, Monday-Thursday. He's typical of the anti-Trump cabal in a number of ways. For example:

  • He rarely gives people the benefit of the doubt. Because Ben Carson said that he will have a role of some kind in a Trump administration – perhaps an advisory role – Shapiro insists that Carson's support was a quid-pro-quo. Shapiro apparently can't envision a person who would lend support and incidentally have an advisory role. But Shapiro is open-minded when it comes to his friends. Former Breitbart reporter Michele Fields is known for her dubious personal crises; in addressing her claim that she was beaten with a baton by police, Shapiro noted that video of the 'incident' shows her being knocked down. That's close enough for Shapiro to gloss over the core of Fields' claim. More on Fields' newest lie - about Trump's campaign manager - in a few days, watch this space for a thorough de-bunking.
  • Shapiro's loose with his language and undisciplined. In the lead-in to his 'nevertrump' arguments outlined below, he says about Trump, “He is not conservative on any issue.” This is nonsense. Trump, unlike the other candidates, has named specific jurists that he would appoint to the supreme court, conservatives Diane Sykes and Bill Pryor. Shapiro has watched Trump roll over his opposition in the GOP and the press for 9 months, but must assume that he will fold instantly when it comes to the court. That is an argument for which there is no evidence or rationale. In addition, Trump has insisted that he will protect the 2nd Amendment, and rather than talking about it in esoteric terms, he brings it into the lives of his audience – as a bulwark of self-defense and defense of the country against radical Islamists. I have never heard Ted Cruz speak of the 2nd Amendment in that way, it's always a conservative touchstone for Ted, a mere talking point.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump Essentially Inevitable - 7 Takeaways From Jr. Tuesday

As of now, Trump is 2500 votes ahead of Cruz in Missouri, and that lead is likely to hold, 97% of the vote is in. That leaves about 25,000 votes outstanding, Cruz would have to win 55% of the outstanding votes. So Trump won 4 of the 5 contests.

Trump out-performed his RCP average in Florida and Illinois, Cruz outperformed in North Carolina and under-performed in Ohio.

I called Ohio for Trump, but also called Rubio's exit, so not a bad night for predictions. Here are some takeaways from tonight's voting:

Monday, March 14, 2016

Junior Tuesday: Grit Test For America, Predictions

After leftist mobs forced the cancellation of a Trump rally in Chicago Friday, the entire planet piled on Trump and his supporters. The supposedly incendiary rhetoric from the GOP front-runner was replayed endlessly, and even misquoted by the worst of the snakes: Lying Ted Cruz said that Trump encouraged his supporters to punch people in the face. In fact, Trump only said he'd like to do that himself - at a rally where the anti-free speech and anti-free assembly totalitarians were particularly nasty. But even if you construe what Trump said to be actual encouragement to punch people, apparently his supporters aren't too pliable: one 78-year-old man took his 'advice', sucker-punching a hapless black protester who was being led out of a rally. And that old man appears to be mentally unstable - he later burbled about killing the protester next time. So the sum total of Trump's provocations amounts to almost nothing, despite the fact that youtube is full of videos of leftist radicals screaming in the faces of Trump supporters at Chicago and elsewhere. Trump supporters may be some of the most peaceful people on earth.
The fact that the Chicago mayhem was planned long before the sucker punch from a solitary nutjob is known to Lying Saint Ted, Sweaty Little Marco, and Kasitch, but that didn't stop them from blaming the actions of thousands of angry leftists on Trump, saying he's created a 'toxic environment'.  Their slick advisers OK'd the hit on Trump because all three are on their last legs. Rubio and Kasitch are fighting for convention bargaining power, and Cruz has zero appeal outside his 'very conservative' base. The fact that the political and media long-knives are out for Trump tells us one thing for certain: he is a threat to their dominance. Their rhetoric is mostly tawdry self-justification.

Tomorrow we will find out of American still has a spine. If Trump falters badly, one of two things will be the case:

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Is Chicago Our Future?

Tonight 20,000+ Illinois residents showed up to hear Donald Trump speak. The event was cancelled by Mr. Trump due to security concerns, which included a threat to storm the stage. Given the number of protesters involved, it seems that Mr. Trump's concerns were more than warranted.

Mr. Trump has been dogged by protesters at nearly every speech he's given since he started getting traction in this race. Now the protesters have taken things to a new level. The reaction from the press and politicians should be unsettling, and the implications for the future of our political system are dire.

The following things are clear. I will be uncharacteristically blunt.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

SuperTrump - Debate Wrap

Trump was virtually PERFECT tonight in Miami.

He weathered a hostile audience and consistent attacks from Cruz, and he wasn't rattled once0.

The questions were sometimes explicitly and more often implicitly anti-Trump, and they went nowhere. He was blunt and tough enough that his image will be as strong as ever to his supporters, and he showed another side that he desperately needed to show.

Some takeaways from tonight's debate:

1. It's unlikely that Trump lost a single supporter. If anything, they will be more committed than ever.

2. He put to rest the idea that he is incapable of being presidential. Earlier in the week he promised to do so, and did - a man of his word.

3. None of his competitors said anything memorable. The debate will be remembered only for Trump changing his demeanor. There were a number of instances where he would normally have attacked brutally and didn't, each one must have been a gut-check to his detractors.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

GOP Establishment Died Tonight - 9 Takeaways + Bonus

I'm watching Trump's MASTERFUL press conference as I type this, and Trump's confidence is _off the charts_, but leavened with humor and humility. When I saw the table adorned with Trump wine and steaks, I wondered what would happen, and he handled it all beautifully.

Trump made a major investment of time in Michigan, and the voters rewarded him handsomely. For all of the talk from Cruz and Rubio about Trump's uncertain commitment to Kirkian conservative principles, no one doubts Trump's commitment to American workers. Many wonder what he will do to advance their interests (translation: we are stuck with the status quo failure FOREVER) but few doubt his desire to improve their prospects, if he is able. To the extent that his opponents mirror that desire, their mindset is a recent evolution forced by Trump. Cruz originally supported giving 'fast track' trade promotion authority to globalist cabin boy Barrack Obama, changing his position only last year - and he has the gall to cite a 17-year-old interview with Trump about abortion. Voters can often smell a phony, and Saint Ted's Zombie campaign's corpse can be smelled all the way from Calgary.
If I were Cruz or Kasich, I don't know what I would do now. Rubio's small penis/pants-wetting shtick fell flat on its smug face. Do they continue with the rabid attacks? Sadly, I think that is their only option: trying to take Trump off his game. Because after tonight, he is ON.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mark Levin: Trump Represents "PUKISM" - ANSWERED

A lot of  people are sick that Levin's radio show has degenerated into a foam party for Cruz and a platform to relentlessly trash Trump. Let's look at a few of Levin's tiresome talking points.

1. Trump is an establishment crony capitalist because he contributed to democrats.
This is in direct conflict with Levin's understanding that most campaign contributions coming from industry are PROTECTION MONEY. Did Trump lavishly fund the democrat movement, or just contribute to specific, high profile democrats, where his contributions would allow him to make a phone call if some bureaucrat is making a project impossible for him? Levin talks like Trump is the great liberal benefactor, when he knows that is an unfair charge. When government has vast power to disrupt things, it would be irresponsible for a businessman like Trump to fail to protect his business and his workers against them. That is a fact, and Levin twists it mercilessly into a charge of 'crony capitalism'. Where has Trump paid for a change in the law that would specifically benefit his business? THAT is the definition of crony capitalism - it doesn't apply to Trump, and Levin knows it.

2. Cruz can do nothing wrong.
It's been widely accepted that Cruz damaged his campaign with what he did in Iowa. Cruz apologized to Carson in front of 13 million debate watchers - why, if he did nothing wrong? Since apologizing, Cruz has repeatedly appeared on Levin's show to commiserate with the self-titled 'great one' (Grate One) about how pure Cruz's actions were - so his apology reeks of insincerity. Nothing is said by either Saint Ted or the Grate One about how they can even understand how people could think it was offensive to go WAY BEYOND what CNN reported, turning it into 'Carson's Out'. It's just a big mystery how anyone can think it slimy to suggest that Carson would throw away months of effort and diminish the lost life of his staffer by withdrawing from the race just as voting is starting.
Cruz's 'voter violation' mailer was roundly condemned because he dragged NEIGHBORS into it and 'shamed ' voters - unlike prior 'similar' mailers that were titled 'voter scorecard' and contained nothing to suggest a state sanction, explicit condemnation with almost universal failing grades, and mention by name of neighbors who had similarly transgressed.
So what's the bottom line, Grate One? Why did Cruz apologize? DID his actions damage his campaign? Before those actions he was widely viewed as the most honest candidate, and that status has been damaged. Was Cruz responsible for allowing that change of mind to occur? Did Saint Ted make mistakes, or is it all just so unfair?

Friday, March 4, 2016

Establishment Has ONE Remaining Option

In the current landscape, the establishment's case is hopeless:

Cruz - He has shot his wad: His delegate count is largely due to his home state, and the SEC states, where he was supposed to have his greatest strength. He won a dismal 9% in MA, and is polling poorly in relatively conservative FL. Forget the rust belt, those states are looking to Trump. Cruz will not be a favorite in any 'brokered' convention scenario, if Trump fails to secure a majority of delegates: The only scenario where a brokered Cruz outcome is remotely possible is if Rubio drops out soon and most of his support goes to Cruz, and that is unlikely to happen. There has been some speculation that Rubio will fold before Florida, since a trouncing there will make his future in politics grim. But Rubio is slippery enough that he is holding out some hope that the party elites will simply find a way to hand him the nomination at the convention. So assuming Rubio stays in through FL, the damage to his future prospects will already be done, giving him little incentive to exit to the private sector before the race ends in June, unless his support really plunges. If Rubio drops out before FL, that probably cinches FL for Trump. So either the race effectively ends in FL or Cruz is likely to be part of a divided field going forward.
A Cruz exit is also unkikely, he remains the truest conservative in the race (if one equates the current trade regime with 'conservatism') so an early exit would be seen as a betrayal of conservatism and his supporters. Beyond that, it would belie the idea that Trump is 'not a conservative' were Ted to exit and many of his voters go to Trump. Many are with Cruz because of concerns over immigration, so a lot of Cruz people would probably swallow their pride and go to Trump. Few voters believe that any of the candidates will abandon the 2nd amendment, appoint liberal judges, or increase taxes and expand government. But there is distrust RE immigration, with both Rubio and 'think of the children' Kasich. Many Cruz voters understand that immigration is issue #1: you can get all the rest right and demographics will turn it all around if we don't stop importing millions of dependents. So the best Cruz can hope for, if he remains true to his supporters, is to remain bogged down in a multi-player field. None of that addresses his main electoral weaknesses in a general election, which have gone largely unremarked - his Canadian pedigree (recently 'validated' as a legitimate concern by National Review) and his theocratic religion.

Kasich - He increasingly looks like a VP candidate. He's the 'sane' one in the room in the establishment's eyes, but they seem intent on backing Rubio. A victory in Ohio won't be meaningful unless Trump also loses FL _to Kasich_, who sits at around 10% in the polling there. If anyone other than Trump wins FL, the race will remain divided. In the best case for Kasich, he will be a sitting governor who barely won his home state - hardly the launching pad for a national comeback in a 3-4 man field. He's already conceded that a brokered convention is his only hope. If Trump remains strong that hope will dim, even if Kasich wins OH. He may be the next to leave the race regardless, and his support will be divided between Rubio and Cruz, with some undoubtedly going to Trump as well. Kasich is essentially a non-factor at this point.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Detroit Debate Fiasco

Were some of the audience members literally drunk tonight? What a mess. People were yelling when there was nothing to yell about. It would be nice to see an audience composed of randomly chosen citizen voters. The RNC can throw a lavish debate viewing party in another location, where the donors can scream to their hearts' content. These are donors and elected officials, and they act like this? Why are they controlling our country?

Mr. Trump didn't take my advice about staying apart and above the fray. This may have been impossible, being attacked from all sides and even betrayed by the press (whoever leaked the off-the-record NY Times story should never work in media again, it's like exposing a whistleblower.)

If Americans reject Trump because of 'Trump University', we deserve to be owned by the rest of the world, which is still populated with serious people.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Detroit Debate is Key - Advice for Trump

Rubio is sure to be at it again Thursday night in the Detroit debate. For the last few days, he's been so over the top that anything other than a full assault will seem weird. Cruz is hitting the same points, more or less, just with a little more dignity.

Both of the also-rans face a quandary of immense proportions: Everyone in the race has something of a lock on part of the GOP electorate. What can Cruz or Rubio say that will move the other candidates' supporters into their camp?
1. Philosophy is out
2. Persuasion is out
3. Failure (as with Rubio in NH) is a possibility
4. Monopolizing attention is a possibility

The latter is the approach Rubio has taken since the last debate, but it becomes tiresome when it is purely negative. Those people who say that all Trump ever does is attack people are axe-grinders; Trump's message is leavened with hopefulness or he'd have failed long ago. The other option of forcing failure is promising, but hasn't worked against Trump, so we are likely to see a more rounded dogfight this time. Both candidates still stand to gain by driving the other establishment candidate out or onto the margins.

Trump's task is simple, and relies upon just a few factors:

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Superb Tuesday - 12 takeaways

Watching Hillary 'Screech' Clinton ascend to the stage for her victory speech, I was struck by how much she looks like a fat little troll. You rarely see her from the side; there's no way those pounds are coming off before election day, and appearances matter. To her credit, she made it through her comments without a coughing fit.
In her telepromptered 'speech' she took a shot at Trump: America never stopped being great, but we need to 'make it whole'. We need more 'love and kindness'. It's all about 'barriers' - but none of those barriers are put in place by the government, government is the solution to the barriers. Translation: pay and pay, selfish taxpayers. We need to make more 'investments', so get down on your knees and start scrubbing floors - take a THIRD job if necessary, because a whole slew of Americans are being screwed over by the selfish taxpayers. The barriers can't be government's fault, nothing ever is. To make that point perfectly, she talked about Flint MI, never mentioning the failure of Michigan's liberal government and the lavishy-funded EPA. The problem there and everywhere else is not government, but not enough government - taxpayer selfishness. If Screech thinks this is a winning message when we have already sold our children into tax slavery to pay for the massive government and crushing dependency we already have, and she wins with this message, consider emigrating, because it's all over but the screeching. Screech is 20 inches wide, 18 inches thick, and a millimeter deep. Her figure is a testament to her nature: pure slovenly appetite.
Because Screech is a dishonest and troll-like figure, the usual prohibition against 'attacking women' doesn't apply in this election; the 'pity vote' for her will be small, she might as well be a man.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Trump's KKK Problem - Mistake or Strategic Opening? (2/29)

Every few years David Duke, former head of the Ku Klux Klan, endorses a republican. This gives the liberal media multiple opportunities to tie that candidate to the Klan by association. Even if the endorsement is dismissed immediately, just asking about it reminds voters that white racists prefer the republican candidate. Because the modern democrat party has moved so far away from its explicitly pro-white racialist roots and policies, and has adopted multiculturalism in total - to the disadvantage of the white majority (and blacks) - any group retaining any sense of white racial consciousness will endorse republicans. But what is good for the goose - buttressing and coddling explicitly racial groups such as 'black lives matter' and La Raza ("The Race") - is not good for the gander. Just or not, that is the dominant thinking, so conservatives have to tread lightly.
Perhaps that inconsistency underlies some of the thinking behind Trump's weird interview with Jake Tapper on Sunday. There are doubtless many groups who have an interest in advancing the fortunes of white Americans, and by default they are considered 'racist' while their minority counterparts are given a pass. That dynamic is hypocritical and unfair, and Trump may be inclined to want to stop and
think before reflexively denigrating such groups just because the liberal media narrative demands it.